A good process is important for maintaining a creative environment while working constructively with the right focus at all times. We have worked extensively in INCUBE to develop methodology and good practice for the balance between creativity and process-driven progress. For us, we see great value in using a build-test-learning cycle and a small batch production approach.



InCube is a company of architects, designers and technologists with a desire to create exciting architecture through professional and constructive cooperations with our partners and customers. We have established an world class team with extensive interdisciplinary expertise in development of innovative architectural ideas and products.


Good work practice is required to achieve our goals in creative processes. We use LEAN as our method to sustain a innovation and creativity work environment without compromising progress and project economics.

As a result, INCUBE have created a number of interesting building and new innovations. The Innovation Campus Steinkjær is now under construction and, as part of the project group, we are looking forward to seeing the innovation campus being filled with activity. In Tjøme this year, 120 children will be able to play and learn in their new kindergarten that we have been part of completing. Experiencing our buildings filled with life gives us motivation push forward towards our next projects.

INCUBE is based in Oslo, we work on projects both nationally and internationally. Our employees have up to 17 years of experience in architecture and design and 20 years of experience in materials technology. We have won a number of awards in innovation and technology.

INCUBE has Norwegian Central Approval in:

Design of Architecture, Class 3

Design of Building Physics, Class 3

Design of Outdoor Areas and Landscaping, Class 2

Design of General Responsibility for Engineering (Building or Construction, Technical Installations, Class 2

Applications (for all types), Class 2

The company INCUBE was started in 2013 to commercialize a number of ideas in the interface between architecture / design and material technology. In our 400 m2 workshop, we built a number of prototypes, tested new designs and developed a number of ideas and solutions. Since 2016, after winning several major architectural projects, we established offices in Lakkegata 52, Oslo, Norway, from which we now have a team dedicated to architectural assignments.



In INCUBE we see a great potential and enjoy discussions and views related to social values. It helps us realize how we can change the way we understand the world around us and make decisions about where to invest resources. Two areas that are important for us and where we would like to contribute: Environment, we work extensively with resource utilization through the use, reuse and recycling of materials. How can we extend the value of the man-made in a consumer focused society so that quality of life is increased and what we create is sustainable. Development, spaces for recreation, teaching and research are a important for a sustainable society. Through our projects in the field of education, we seek to create space for learning, innovation and synergies between human interaction.


Research is a important part of our work in INCUBE. Our expertise in materials technology is used in all our research projects. Our focus is on new materials and new ways of using such materials. In a world of rapid change where technology sets the limits for many of our choices there are many great opportunities and challenges for innovative architecture. Through our commitment to recycling of materials, we have developed new building systems for environmental housing. Solar cell installation costs are significantly reduced and cheap energy storage is achieved by exploiting the possibilities for reuse of used electric car batteries in residential homes. This provides opportunities for sustainable and cost-effective zero and plus energy homes. Our modular based building system has been commercialized and it is now part of a major venture called ECO HOME. Several of our employees have PhD or are in PhD studies, and we cooperate with universities both nationally and internationally.


Every building is unique. As architects, we are used to dealing with solving complex interdependent challenges. Throughout the design process choices are made that influence the project in a variety of ways, the shape of the building, usability, technical conditions, economy, maintenance, human wellbeing and joy of life. Consciousness about the ring effects of the choice is important, not least in terms of environmental impact and energy use over a short and long time. We emphasize a knowledge-based, creative and interdisciplinary approach to complex topics to make projects sustainable within their framework. With knowledge and value as a base, we will also seek to influence the project’s framework conditions in an environmentally friendly direction wherever possible. We have a team with knowledge and experience in the field of low energy buildings: passive houses / near zero energy buildings, energy storage, etc. See also our commitment to our concept Eco-Home.


INCUBE’s projects always start with a solid theoretical review often in cooperation with interdisciplinary competences both locally and internationally. We are easily inspired with a focus on continuous improvement of our work. In our creative processes we aim to make beautiful buildings through efficient work processes and good interactions with partners and customers.

An important part for us in this process is to combine well practice with theory. Through internal workshops we test new materials, create models and develop prototypes. This combination gives us room for testing new solutions and experiments with leading concepts.

To remain a continuous competence building company is an important principle for us. We conduct research, organize workshops and publish articles based on our results.


As architects, we are always seeking to find the correct shape.
From small to large complex projects the correct shape is created through carful consideration of function in combination with material evaluations, environmental considerations and the projects economical limitations.

The strategy to find the best solutions is formed trough discussions with our customers. We believe in close customers follow-up, a pleasant work environments and a focused approach for the work process.

Our design competence covers a wide range both in architectural design as well as graphical design and product development.

We have performed assignments for customers and have expertise in the following areas:

– Strategy development and illustration of ideas for companies in start-up – Opportunity studies, business plans, prototypes / models
– Architectural design and detailing both exterior and interior
– Area planning and public processes
– Project management
– Create unique and innovative solutions with interdisciplinary approaches – 3D modeling of buildings and prototypes


INCUBE follows LEAN thinking through all the projects. We focus on creating maximum value for our customers and eliminating unproductive activities. With this focus, we ensure continuous improvement for ourselves and our partners. We grow through sharing our LEAN knowledge. Through collaboration with LEAN Consulting AS, we hold courses and organize guidelines for LEAN and Lean Construction. Our employees have experience from using LEAN in both large and small construction projects for public and private customers. “One of our employees is Associate Consultant at Lean Consulting AS and has Black Belt Lean Certification. »


Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is for INCUBE a central design tool. By implementing this tool we are able to develop 3D models that simulate how a building will work in practice. BIM is a integrated part of the drawing and coordination process for INCUBE that secures good quality assurance. It facilitates good processes for our customers, investors and partners giving buildings that future users will enjoy. BIM is a process for interactions and free flow of information between designers. All changes are coordinated in real time and anyone involved can extract the information they need, such as 2D floor plans, 3D visualisations, 4D propulsion, or for instance bulk sections and areas. INCUBE has long experience from BIM based design and engineering and we have developed good methods for information exchange and interdisciplinary control throughout all phases of the construction process – from the early planning phase, engineering, management to operation, maintenance and reuse. For us, each project is unique and we place great emphasis on adapting the level of BIM design to the project’s needs both considering the requirements of today and future use.