The Innovation Campus Steinkjer is a project for 30 institutions and companies, the largest of them is North University. Incube ́s expertise in combining innovation and architecture was one of the deciding factors for getting the design contract. The two architecture companies InCube and Praksis are collaborating as equal partners on architectural design, while Norconsult provides engineering services. The project is approximately 16,000 m2, of which approximately 7000 m2 is new construction, and the rest is rehabilitation and refurbishment. The project consists of several buildings which will be connected by common areas designed to create innovation through synergies and information exchange between tenants.

In this campus, North University will have its spearhead within the green sector. The facility will house one of Norway’s strongest agricultural clusters in a powerful forestry and farming region. Unique to this project is how public and private institutions will be co-located and work across traditional boundaries. Education, research institutions and private companies with a high share of innovation will be grouped together in clusters, but will also work across the clusters: agriculture cluster, creative cluster with gaming and media technology studies, commercial development cluster and a research cluster. The plant is organized around a central atrium and consists of several new and existing buildings. Connection lines and social meeting points are intended to support the interaction between the people who are studying and working at the campus. Renovation started in 2017, construction of new buildings early 2018.

Innovation Campus with university, public and private research and service companies

Steinkjer, Norway

Approx. 16 000 m2

Architectural design for all project phases

DH Eiendom / Municipality of Steinkjer


Construction phase

Innovation community for university and a number of private and public enterprises and research institutions


Bjørner Bolle, Maria Perdomo, Adrian Koziol, Sivert Hegdahl, Quang Luong, Kristian Wist Lilleby, Ingrid Holtan

Educational / Care / Office / Logistics / Renovation