To create a space that provides peace and reflection when viewing a single painting, in a time full of noise and impressions. A space where the house and surroundings are telling a background story and form a treasure chest for a painting.
The cube is a box containing one single piece of art. It is nature that has influenced the artist Sivertsen’s life, memory and works. The pilgrimage to the place can provide an understanding of the background that is found in many of his paintings. Walking through the landscape you meet the border – between land and sea. With this in memory you meet the art, the man-made. Inside the cube the visual impressions from the wild nature are left out. The room has a human size, there is room for one person with stretched out arms. Light penetrates from above and from a narrow strip of the wall. Floor and ceiling are dark tar-stained. The walls are white
Connections and History
Where land and sea meet there is a boundary line. The distinction between life and death. Man has had to live and move close to this line throughout the generations. Throughout history, to bring home food, life has had to be risked in order to preserve it. The house – the cube – is placed as close to that line as possible, built of traditional and organic materials. It stands there with danger of destruction, to tell its story.
Outside the cube is covered by turf. It comes out of the earth that it is taken from. The outer “connective tissue” of standing wooden slats of varying rhythm keeps the turf in place, defines and maintains its shape. A gate of iron with natural rust red color leads into the room within. On the inside the door is lined with wood. In coastal culture, local building, it may have parallels with corrugated iron, boat hulls, rusty oil barrels and oil tanks that are reused in countless ways in sheds, boathouses and other vernacular buildings. This can also symbolize the theme of being outside or within, rejecting storms and intruders, it can almost be experienced unfriendly and dismissive for the stranger outside. However, protectively warm for whom it opens and encloses within.
The tightness of the room will provide warmth and protection. Equal dimension in all directions – length, width, height – can bring peace and solemnity. This also has parallels to religious and biblical context as a response to the artist’s inspirations. The same applies to the light entering through the thin slit in the wall and through the skylight where only the sky is visible. A duality is meant for the the spatial experience. For some, maybe the room seems cramped and oppressive, giving a yearning to get out – or up. Others experience contemplation and tranquility.

InCube is currently working on the Phase II of the project which will include a bigger gallery space, an atelier for the artist and a visit center with the goal of preserve and showcase sami culture to the the local community and turists that pass by.

Energy Central


5 and 100 m2 including the landscape

Complete architectural services

Odd Marakatt Sivertsen

Public funding

In use Second phase: Expected completion 2019

Local materials, promote cultural and historical heritage.

Bjørner Bolle, Maria Perdomo

Cultural / New Construction