Project description:
Detached house for family with children in Bodø. It has cladding of untreated wood. Volumes of solid character are contrasted by light glass facades with glued glass corners. The house overlooks the beautiful mountains, while the surrounding buildings are hardly visible: Views from the windows are composed by using inspiration from Japanese «Shakkei»: Building elements hide parts of surrounding buildings so that the natural view is emphasized. The house is granted favorable state financed loans for families because of good architecture and universal design with step-free access and universal design throughout the house.

The site:
The site is located in an area dominated by houses and farming. The lot has a gently sloping terrain towards the South, with about two meters height difference. The surrounding landscape is characterized by low hills, overlooking the majestic mountains in the South. A small traditional Nordland house, old and decayed, was previously on the site.

Inspiration from local tradition:
The Nordland house was of poor condition, it was taken down for restoration and is reconstructed on a nearby site. It will also continue its life on its original site by being an inspiration for the new house. The old house was characterized by a simple form. Added forms like the entrance were clearly smaller in size, and subordinated to the main form. It had simple details, hardly projecting roofs, and not even gutters. Traditional standing wooden panel cladding was used.

Architectural form and detailing:
The new building embraces features from the old one. The basic shape is simple with a rectangular plan. Added volumes are subordinate. A terrace with wooden railings mediates the different levels of the sloping terrain, and in south a lower volume with sleeping rooms in the basement has a roof terrace for the living room. The garage is a separate main function and has a design that is related to the master volume. It is a continuation of sloping roof line of the house. The details are plain and simple. The wooden paneling is flat. Gutters are integrated into the roof and do not appear in the facade.

Roof shape:
Modern houses are often much larger than the traditional ones. Therefore, to the West the main form is split by a glass facade. This allows the remaining wood surface to relate its size to the old Nordland house. The ridge is oriented in the same direction as the old house (the east-west direction) and similar to that of several of the surrounding houses. The roof length is different on the two sides of the ridge, which can also be found in the neighborhood on houses that have been extended.

Single family home

Bodø, Norway

267 m2

Architectural Design all Phases

Children Family

Loan through The Norwegian State Housing Bank


Loan through The Norwegian State Housing Bank due to architectural qualities and good universal design


Bjørner Bolle

Residential / New Construction