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Nursing home


Municipality of Tjøme / Færder


Tjøme, Norway


1000 m2


Funded through The Norwegian State Housing Bank - Husbanken


Detailed design phase


All project phases


Social functions for disabled. Landscape integration.


Bjørner Bolle, Maria Perdomo


Residential / Educational / Care / New Construction


The site’s location is in Tjøme, a town in a beautiful island area in the southeastern part of Norway.

The aim of the project is to give persons with different disabilities their own home, while the building provides good opportunities for fellowship with other people in a similar situation. There are altogether ten apartments divided into two groups. The building is designed so that the two groups are completely independent of each other, in such a way that it can host two groups with completely different needs. The building is thus designed with entrance area at two different terrain levels. Two of the apartments on each floor is larger than the other ones and can be used by either a couple or a person with heavier disabilities with need for more auxiliary equipment.

Floor 1 is facilitated for young multi handicapped persons. They have an entrance via a common social space. The two bigger apartments have their private entrance from the outside as well.

Floor 2 that has an entrance from the upper terrain level is designed for people who suffer from early age dementia. These are people who are often physically active, and there are good opportunities for walking around in the common areas. On this floor the staff functions are also located.

During the design process we have also emphasized how the people and the building integrate into the local environment. The facade of the road expresses itself in the sense that it consists of separate homes and emphasizes the persons’ individuality and freedom in a community and not that they are just a number in ar row in an institution.

The building is integrated in landscape, the layout is compact with low energy consumption and environmentally friendly materials. The young ones downstairs have all a direct exit to their private outdoor space. The dwellers upstairs who have dementia have access from the common social room to a «garden for senses» and outdoor seating with good sun conditions throughout the day.