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Residential building


Røstbakken 7 AS


Tromsø, Norge


1040 m2




Completed 2014


Complete architectural services to tender phase


Bjørner Bolle, Maria Perdomo


Residential / New Construction


Due to a very steep and fragmented site, the plan of the project was crucial in creating a good relationship between the entrances and the connections between the interior and the exterior areas. One of the goals was to create open interior spaces with good orientation and good amount of natural natural light. We decided to prioritize the beautiful views of the city and the light above other criteria. On the other hand, all the apartments had a flexible open plan that gave buyers the possibility to choose two extra rooms.

Externally, the form of the building is divided in two shifted shapes immersed in the green landscape. This form contributes to the adaptation of the building to the surrounding areas. dominated by two floors private houses. The Building is placed like a sound barrier between the road and the green areas on the south side which then becomes a quiet area. In addition to a large common garden, the ground apartments have direct access to garden terraces. The apartments in the top floors, A3 and B2 have South-facing balconies with glass fences. In addition, there is a roof terrace with shelter walls for wind, but open to the stunning view of sea around Tromsø, the characteristic mountain Tromsdalstind,etc.

The facades are designed to be elegant and simple with elements in light colors that give a calm and warm perception.