We won the ICS competition!!


InCube was granted the detailed design and construction phase for the project Innovation Campus Steinkjer. This project combines our core interests: architectural design of public buildings and innovation. The winning team consists of the architect offices InCube and Praksis who will collaborate on the architectural design, together with Norconsult providing the engineering services. The same team did  the pre-project design, and has now been chosen for the next phases after a public tender process.

The project is approximately 16 000 m2, of which approximately 7000 m2 is new construction, the rest is rehabilitation and refurbishment. The project consists of several buildings which will be connected by common areas designed to create innovation through synergies and information exchange between tenants.

You can read more about the project on our project’s section.

InCube wins Kindergarden Project


InCube has won the competion for architectural design of a kindergarden for the municipality of Tjøme, a town on the southeastal coast of Norway. The kindergarden will be situated in an area with a school and a gymnastics hall, close to the town centre. It will replace two existing kindergardens and have approximately 120 children. InCube got the highest score on all quality criterias in the competition.

Successful completion of contracted building with innovative ECO materials.


InCube have since 2013 worked on developing the Baurox building method. The goal was to enable cost efficient ECO buildings. The method was awarded 2 grants from Innovation Norway to complete a demonstration pavilion and pilot manufacturability. First commercial contract was signed in 2015 and we are happy to announce that building was completed in 2016.

We are very exited to see our innovation going all the way from concept evaluation to a commercial product. Our next steps for Baurox is to seek partners in the construction industry with interest in Zero emission or Pluss buildings.

We believe that our development is an enabler for widespread commercialisation of ECO friendly buildings. The method is cost competitive, it simplifies the construction work and still gives the architects creative freedom to make attractive buildings.

If you are interested to learn more or to collaborate with us to bring this technology to the market please contact us on

Innovation Campus pre-project completed


After intensive user processes and design our architectural team from InCube and Praksis Arkitekter has completed the pre-project phase for the Innovation Campus in Steinkjer, Norway. Engineering has been done by Norconsult. There has been extensive rounds with the clients, around 30 different companies and organizations are planned into the campus. We notice a rising enthusiasm among them, as the project crystallizes and takes shape into drawings and 3D illustrations. This is going to be an arena for open innovation and sharing of knowledge, and will provide synergies and increased value for the tenants. It will be North university’s spearhead within the green sector, and one of Norway's strongest agricultural environments in a powerful forestry and farming region. Unique to this project is how public and private institutions will be co-located and work across traditional boundaries. Education, research institutions and private companies with a high share of innovation will be grouped together in clusters, but will also work across the clusters - agriculture cluster, creative cluster with gaming and media technology studies, commercial development cluster and a research cluster. The plant is organized around a central atrium and consists of several new and existing buildings. Connection Lines and social meeting points are intended to support the interaction between the people who are styding and working at the campus. We are pleased to work in this exciting project where we can combine our core knowledge and interests within the Innovation field and the design of architectural research and educational buildings.

Metal Wall Updates!


The visual appearance of a metal is determined by surface texture and color.
Some metals looks nice when new, but with time oxidation changes the visual appearance.

This makes structures look old and not well maintained.
InCube have developed methods to control these processes making new and interesting surfaces.
We are now able to control where oxidation will take place.
The surface texture shown in the picture is made on a steel surface. With time the lines will oxidize and turn red/brown while the triangles will remain metallic. 

Logistics buildings in OppegÄrd


InCube has been hired to design buildings for logistics and distribution of goods in Oppegård outside Oslo. There are three adjacent sites, and three buildings are planned, approx. 8000 m2. This is an exciting segment to us, where we are able to work with especially rational structures, logistics, big surfaces and aestethics in industrial materials. We also take advantage of our Lean thinking in order to study and further develop our design process. In a fascinating way we can explore several of our fields of interest. Our client is Vete Eiendom.

Beautiful Concrete Surface on Wall Elements


InCube AS and Baurox are working on developing new options for aesthetic surfaces on our construction elements. The newest development is wall elements with high precision concrete surfaces. We have started a cooperation with IMPREG AS and Micro Topping Norway who are supplying micro concrete, a fascinating material with many possibilities. Micro concrete has characteristics that fit well with the building systems from Baurox.

The companies have had workshops together and tested material combinations and different possibilities. This has given us great results which we are delighted to present. The concrete surfaces are available in shades of gray concrete, light / white concrete and pigmented concrete in various colors.

Micro concrete is a remarkable material comprising of fine cement and sand, in combination with additives that are providing a unique surface strength. As with conventional concrete, you will never find two surfaces exactly alike, the material appears with life and uniqueness. Micro concrete is much thinner than the conventional one - which gives a lower carbon footprint. And you have more control of the final result, securing the aesthethics you want for your walls.

What is a Baurox wall with micro concrete?
Baurox wall has core of cellular glass (A hard rock / glass-based material with insulation value fairly similar mineral wool). Incorporated in the core are reinforcing profiles of steel. Surface layer is typically stucco or micro concrete. It is a compact and moisture-proof wall that has stone materials all the way through. (It is possible to apply other cladding materials to the wall core as well.) The walls are normally used as insulated exterior walls. Also indoors, Baurox wall elements with micro concrete will work excellent, especially on places where you want to have an extra nice touch to the interior.


Metal Wall


InCube´s metal Wall is improving every day!  We have developed new techniques and the results are just stunning! We are currently looking for collaborations with artists and architects around the world. Join our newsletter to keep updated in our progresses. 

Light Wall


We have new pins for our light wall and we look forward to start new collaborations around the world. For more information about the light wall subscribe to our newsletter. 


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